Spring is the time for new growth and optimism for the year ahead, tinged with apprehension about what the season will bring weather wise and if we will fill our dams from the Barwon River. Over recent years Spring has been the time for replanting vines, establishing new vineyards and adding compost to the vines to help retain moisture over summer.
Summer is the time for watching the weather. Too hot or dry then the vines need water, too wet and watch out for disease, get the nets on before the birds take an interest in the grapes, drop excess fruit so that the grape quality is kept high, manage the canopy for dappled light on the grapes, get ready for vintage and pick the sparking wine grapes early.
Autumn is the busiest time of the year, with vintage in full swing. We can finally see results of our year of work and get the first proper idea of the quality of the vintage. Lots of watching the weather, discussions on when to pick, organising picking crews, picking and getting the grapes into the winery. It is also a fun time with friends helping with the picking, and long lunches after the work.
Winter is the time of renewal. Pruning is an optimistic activity as you imagine how your pruning will shape the growth of the vines next season, and how good the vines will look. Our band of hardy pruners have developed the skills to ensure the vines are well looked after. It can be cold if the wind is up and the temperature is down but at the end of the day there is dinner and watching the Tour de France.